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January 28, 2016

The Art of Moving Pianos

Pianos are not only costly and large instruments but it is perhaps once of your most precious and prized possessions.  However, the truth is that it is often required to move pianos from one place to another, to move it on stage, from one floor of a building to another or even from one home to another that might involve interstate moving. Regardless of the extent of movement, the job is a specialized one for which it has to be entrusted to the specialists.  Considering the piano to be similar to other household goods would be a big mistake, as it would be to hire the services of any removalists handling household items to move pianos as they have little or no knowledge about the specialty of handling pianos.  For shifting pianos, there are specialists who excel in piano removals Adelaide. These are the people who know the best ways of shifting pianos from one location to another.

Specialty of piano moving

Leaving aside the large size of the instrument, the piano is a very sensitive and delicate instrument that can be damaged, especially functionally, when shifting it from one place to another. While it is easy to ensure that the external features of the instrument are adequately protected by using the right packing materials, it is not easy to protect the functional features that are located inside the instrument unless it is properly handled during shifting. Proper packing and handling it with the right kind of care and compassion during transit so that the stress of transportation and handling do not impair its looks and functionality can only be ensured by those who are familiar with piano removals Adelaide, hence they are considered as specialists of the trade. The piano removal specialists have the knowledge and training that is required to transport it safely.

Right equipment and trained staff

When looking for piano removalists, it has to be checked if they have the right kind of equipments that are required to move pianos efficiently and safely.  Besides the equipments, the vehicles in which pianos are transported also have some specialty that is quite different from the usual vehicles that are used for moving homes and offices.  Pianos are moved in covered vehicles with large tailgates at the rear complete with ramps and piano trolleys as well as high-quality blankets and pads. The accessories are exclusively meant for piano removals and not for other furniture removal.

The staff has adequate experience in handling pianos and is trained to take care of all kinds of pianos like Grand pianos, Upright pianos, Organs, Digital Pianos, Square Grand Pianos, Imperial concert grand pianos as well as Digital grand pianos.

End to end service

From picking up the piano to placing it once again with the assurance of proper functioning is what you can expect from companies that handle piano removals Adelaide. Explaining your requirement to them is all that you have to do and the rest will be taken care of by the professionals.

Even the most difficult access on stages and between vertical floors is efficiently managed by the piano removalists.